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Welcome to the Internet's 1st School of Entrepreneurship.

The diUlus School of Entrepreneurship trains individuals in the American Method of how to participate and be an integral part of the exploding field of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Studies.  The American  Method of entrepreneurship training compliments professional development regardless of one's field of expertise or chosen profession. A certificate in Entrepreneurship Studies from diUlus Institute & University demonstrates that an individual possesses the tools necessary to realize one's full entrepreneurial potential and/or to assist others to achieve entrepreneurial success.

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The Entrepreneurian Society
      An Online Membership Organization
Graduates receive a lifetime membership with an intenet network of international marketers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, netpreneurs, mompreneurs, dadpreneurs and seniorpreneurs who stand ready to assist each other obtain and fulfill their individual entrepreneurial destiny.

Today, more than ever before, the study of entrepreneurship appears to be the key to development and prosperity at every level. Whether at the grassroots level of developing free enterprise in the Republic of China or the brainstorm of a budding 14 year old computer whiz, entrepreneurship involves committment, passion, and a burning desire to see things through to the logical and sometimes not so logical end.
The diUlus School of Entrepreneurship involves dedication of time and energy -- Paced at a level that suits individual needs and schedules. The results sought are always the same -- The evolution of a real entrepreneur; one that is confident, self-assured and able to do anything, undertake anything, and succeed.

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site to make an informed decision. We look forward to the ultimate success of your training with us.

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